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Make your child strong that they can face uncertanity of world

 *#बाज़*🦅🦅 आज ये तस्वीर देखते ही साझा करने की इच्छा कर गई।  बाज पक्षी जिसे हम ईगल या शाहीन भी कहते है.. जिस उम्र में बाकी पक्षियों के बच्चे चिचियाना सीखते है, उस उम्र में एक मादा बाज अपने चूजे को पंजे में दबोच कर सबसे ऊंचा उड़ जाती है। पक्षियों की दुनिया में ऐसा कठिन और खतरनाक प्रशिक्षण किसी और का नही होता। मादा बाज अपने चूजे को लेकर लगभग 12 किमी ऊपर ले जाती है।  जितने ऊपर अमूमन हवाई जहाज उड़ा करते हैं और वह दूरी तय करने में मादा बाज 7 से 9 मिनट का समय लेती है। यहां से शुरू होती है उस नन्हें चूजे की कठिन परीक्षा। उसे अब यहां बताया जाएगा कि तू किस लिए पैदा हुआ है ? तेरी दुनिया क्या है ? तेरी ऊंचाई क्या है ? तेरा धर्म बहुत ऊंचा है और फिर मादा बाज उसे अपने पंजों से छोड़ देती है। धरती की ओर ऊपर से नीचे आते वक्त लगभग 2 किमी उस चूजे को आभास ही नहीं होता कि उसके साथ क्या हो रहा है। 7 किमी  के अंतराल के आने के बाद उस चूजे के पंख जो कंजाइन से जकड़े होते है, वह खुलने लगते हैं। लगभग 9 किमी आने के बाद उनके पंख पूरे खुल जाते है। यह जीवन का पहला दौर होता है जब बाज का बच्चा पंख फड़फड़ाता है। अब धरती

Are You Struggling To Achieve Your Goals?

  Are You Struggling To Achieve Your Goals? One of my favourite quotes is by Arthur Ashe: “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome” and this quote came to mind when I watched a “Big Think” video by Dr Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and associate professor at Harvard Business School. Professor Cuddy is famed for her Ted talk in 2012 about body language which has nearly 40 million views and her latest video relates to why individuals struggle to reach their goals. Why do people struggle? Professor Cuddy identifies, through research, that the reason why so many people fail to achieve their goals is because they set themselves too big of a challenge which is outcome focused. The goal is so big and so distant that many give up before they even try. For example, that is why a lot of people fail to ever achieve their New Year’s resolutions. How many times have you heard people say that they will run a marathon or lose “x” number of stone a

Why should you hire a business development company?

  #Digiigrow  In this era of growing technology, you can take your business to new heights. Business Development has been a key to a successful business as it deals with anything. A smart set of strategies is required in an organization which leads to business development. What is Business Development? The key to a well-established business is the outputs it produces which depend on the inputs. All the ideas, plans, strategies that are put as an input in the business decides its development.  To be precise a business development is nothing but a series of plans, ideas, activities, executed in such a way that it leads to increase of revenue which ultimately leads to the development of the business. Being a major contributor to the growth of the business, this field and its employees are often misunderstood to perform all the functions solely. Various Departments of Business Development The activities will be taken care of by various departments extend across sales, marketing, project ma

Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Fast in 2020

Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Fast in 2020 Digiigrow grow digitally... Boost your website traffic Fast By Digiigrow... Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Fast in 2020 Digiigrow  Written by Digiigrow... Do you have a website but didn’t get traffic?   Don’t worry, I will provide you some awesome tricks to get traffic on your website. Boost your Website Traffic By Digiigrow... There are many creative ways to improve your website’s traffic. If your website does not get Traffic then you are unable to achieve your Goal. Yes, it is 100% true. I am sure these tips will help you to increase your website’s traffic. Check Now – Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Fast in 2020 1. Online (Paid Advertisement)- What is an online Advertisement? Through, Online Advertisement you can build traffic on your website and bring it to in front of people. So, before starting online advertising, you must consider your paid strategy for your targeted keyword, Target Country, and your budget. If you want to g

Indian enterprise leaders are prioritising digital transformation as consumers rapidly adopt digital

The latest phase of Econsultancy and Marketing Week’s ‘Marketing in a Crisis’ research, which surveyed more than 1,000 marketers across the world and from various sectors, has revealed a dramatic shift in focus towards digital transformation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. A new survey of more than 1,100 marketers conducted by Econsultancy and Marketing Week has revealed the extent to which organisations – particularly large enterprises – are honing in on digital in response to changes in customer behaviour brought about by the Covid-19 crisis. Among the 156 respondents from customer-facing organisations with £50 million or more in annual revenue, 63% said they have observed a “strong trend” of consumers adopting digital features more rapidly as a result of Covid-19. A further 33% said they have seen “some trend” of this happening. An additional 40% said they have observed a “strong trend” of older consumers using digital services as a result of Covid-19, with 55% saying they